Solar PV Project Development

  • From project conceptualization, we work with Landowners, Rural Communities, Technology Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Companies (EPCs), Competent Authorities, Regulators and Investors to develop solar energy projects;


  • To ensure successful development of projects, we have crafted relationships and partnerships with local and international service providers in engineering, construction, project management and financial expertise;


  • In each project, we play the role of Project Developer and Manager, coordinating all feasibility and specialist studies, site selection, community liaison, permitting and licensing, permitting and licensing, technology selection, strategic partners’ facilitation, end-to-end project management and economics and financial modeling.


solar power panel ELP

  • Selecting a suitable site is a crucial part of developing a viable solar PV project.
  • In selecting a site, the aim is to minimize cost and maximize output
  • Solar PV projects are mostly developed within rural communities on unused barren land.
  • It’s key to maintain good relations with the community and the local government and keep them abreast of latest development during project development.
  • Permit and licensing vary depending on the location of the project.
  • Key permits, licenses and contracts for renewable energy projects include: Land Acquisition Agreements; Rezoning; Environmental Authorisations; Grid Connectivity Adherence; Power Purchase Agreement, etc.
  • An appropriate technology needs to be selected depending on site conditions and optimization by your technology partner to produce maximum output.
  • Choosing the correct technology is of central importance, especially inverters and modules.
  • During project development, various partners are required at different stages of development.
  • Key partners include co-developers, financial investors, equity investors and technical partners.
  • The development of a PV project can be broken down into the following phases: Conceptual; Pre-Feasibility Studies; Feasibility Studies; Bankability; Detailed Design Phase and Construction
  • Project Management is key to ensure progression throughout these phases which are not strictly linear.
  • The Development of Solar PV projects can bring a range of economic costs and benefits at the local and national levels. Economic benefits include: job creation; use of barren (e.g., non-arable) land; reduction in carbon emissions; Increased Tax Revenue.
  • An awareness of the possible economic benefits will attract investment and ultimate rural development.