About Us

Kgatelopele Energy (Pty) Ltd (T/A K-Energy), a subsidiary of Kgatelopele Amalgamated is a 100% black owned firm that has a wide range of interest in the renewable energy sector. K-Energy is focused on both the Utility Scale PV and Commercial Rooftop PV market and was established to take advantage of opportunities presented by the rapidly growing energy sector in Southern Africa.

The company was founded by two enterprising entrepreneurs to partner with business owners, government, municipalities and financiers to develop small and utility scale renewable energy projects from concept to bankability and ultimately feeding power to the national grid.

We develop projects from concept and assist you to navigate through the complex hurdles of site selection, permitting and appropriate technology selection. We bring a broad range of experience and credentials in finance and project management.


The renewable energy sector is growing rapidly in Southern Africa, and K-Energy continues to invest in this sector for long-term economic benefits for the private sector, rural communities and the national economy. We seek to partner with rural communities and local governments for rural community projects and development. During project development, our customized value-add entails the following:


Site Selection
Community Liaison
Appropriate Technology Selection
Strategic Partners Facilitation
End-to-end Project Management
Economics and Financial Modeling

K-Energy has been active participants within the emerging rooftop sector market. The South African national supply system continues to remain under significant pressure due to growing demand of electricity and new electrification in rural communities. Implementation of Rooftop Solar PV solutions will assist commercial and government buildings to function without any disruptions of power and ease the pressure on the national grid. K-Energy views this as an opportunity to be taken advantage of and has partnered with experienced multinationals in this regard.

If you are a land owner or business owner hoping to develop and build a solar power plant or be self-sufficient, we will help you navigate the process from concept to operational phase. The company is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.